Alistair Chapman

Technical Architect and Information Security Engineer

A collection of my open-source and public software projects


Team member maintaining this cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL and integrations with the tools you already use.

Cake for Visual Studio

Full support for the Cake build tool in Visual Studio including Task Runner, syntax highlingting and project templates

Yeoman generator for Cake

Quickly bootstrap new Cake scripts, files and projects (including Frosting) using this generator for Yeoman


Cake addin for uploading and downloading files from Azure Storage containers using the AzCopy utility


Cake addin for DocCreator to generate attractive HTML documentation from Markdown files powered by strapdown.js


Powerful Cake addin to initialise, create, control and manage Vagrant machines as part of your build script


Cake addin for generating client code from compatible API definitions (including Swagger), powered by Azure's AutoRest utility


Cake addin for compiling client code and API definitions (including Swagger) using the NSwag toolchain


Very basic Cake addin for compiling CouchDB design documents from separate JS files


A simple blueprint and reference framework for deploying multi-instance services with Cake


Cake addin for running and testing Postman API Collections using the Newman CLI


Basic Cake addin for reading, managing and writing to the Windows event log, including messages, logs and sources.


A powerful Cake module for effortlessly integrating your build scripts with a variety of CI providers without even modifying your script


A simple module that extends Cake with a new tool installer for the DNF package manager, useful for installing dependencies on rpm-based distros


A simple module that extends Cake with a new tool installer for the APT package manager, useful for installing dependencies on deb-based distros


Downlink is a simple, flexible and powerful API gateway for serving up software releases in a predictable way from any cloud or local storage (including GitHub, Azure Storage and S3)


DynamicStore is a dead-simple, lightweight data access library for .NET applications. It is designed to be lightweight, extensible, configurable and simple, taking the difficulty out of app data storage.


Powerful suite of tools to take ClickOnce deployments to the next level, including a powerful publishing pipeline and extensible processing


A lightweight MVVM-compatible Web browser control including native Markdown rendering and extensible navigation

Nagios Graph Downloader

An old and awful utility to automatically download graphs from Nagios in bulk

Pi Frame

A half-baked Python project intended to configure Raspberry Pis for use as network-connected digital photo frames